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One of renowned Chartered accountant’s firm in Delhi and Mumbai, equipped with highly proficient partners, qualified Chartered accountants with vast experience and qualified financial professionals having relevant experiential background.

Jaikumar Tejwani & Co LLP, a renowned Chartered accountancy firm based in Delhi and Mumbai, is equipped with highly proficient Partners, qualified Chartered accountants with vast experience, and qualified financial professionals with relevant experiential backgrounds.

JKTCO, steered by highly proficient Partners and a team of qualified professionals, aims to assist clients in competently navigating complex business issues by leveraging their experience, aptitude, and business understanding.

With "Quality is Priority" as its core principle, the JKTCO team invests appropriate time in understanding clients' profiles and businesses. Endeavoring for excellence and adhering to the best industry practices are fundamental to JKTCO.

JKTCO is committed to strict adherence to client confidentiality standards and integrity in its approach.

Established in 1995 by CA Jaikumar Tejwani, a Chartered Accountant since 1989 with extensive experience in various aspects of chartered accountancy, JKTCO has achieved significant successes under the visionary leadership of CA Jaikumar Tejwani and CA Kamal Tejwani. Their strategic guidance empowers JKTCO to consistently meet and exceed client expectations with effectiveness and efficiency.

JKTCO's comprehensive multi-step recruitment process assesses both professional and technical knowledge. Regular training programs and meetings ensure the team remains well-equipped and updated with the latest techniques and industry standards.

The firm provides a comprehensive array of professional services, encompassing Direct Taxes, Goods and Services Tax, Internal Audit/Internal Controls, International Taxation, Transfer Pricing, Payroll Processing, Due Diligence, GAAP Reconciliation, NRI Services, and various other regulatory compliances. The dedicated JKTCO team delivers end-to-end services to its clientele, ensuring and upholding the highest quality standards throughout the process.

Boasting a vast pool of affiliate resources, JKTCO stands strong with three Partners leading a team of over 50 competent professionals. The extended network includes associate firms with 18 additional partners/Chartered Accountants, further enhancing the team's collective strength. Notably, JKTCO is an ICAI-approved network firm affiliated with 'Kalani & Affiliates,' which has offices in Rajasthan.

Vision & Mission

Vision: With "Quality is Priority" as its ultimate aspiration, JKTCO's vision is to nurture a professional firm of repute which is competitive, dynamic, and focused on leading the way in its areas of operation. The firm strives to provide the best opportunity to progress and grow to all associated with it and also serve the best interests of its clients.

Mission: Excellence, Integrity, and Independence, the Motto of our Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, is the ultimate objective of the Firm in all its professional commitments.

Company Goal

  • Excellence in every aspect
  • Create Financial awareness
  • Strong Teamwork support
  • Excellence in everything we do
  • Serve with speed

Our Values

  • Intent to Serve
  • Solve issues
  • Care & Respect
  • Unquestionable integrity